Electronic Government and Electronic Participation

Joint Proceedings of Ongoing Research, Posters, Workshop and Projects of IFIP EGOV 2014 and ePart 2014


Bannister, F.,
Janssen, M.,
Wimmer, M.,
Glassey, O.,
Tambouris, E.,
Macintosh, A. ,
Scholl, H.J.

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Electronic media and ICT have become indispensable in the fields of public governance, policy-making and public service provision. E-government research demonstrates its relevance to practice, influencing and shaping government strategies and implementations. The way in which technology can enable and enhance public participation in government is of particular importance.

This book presents the proceedings of the ongoing research of the IFIP EGOV and ePart conferences, jointly held at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in September 2014. Included are 24 ongoing research papers, case studies and posters from the EGOV conference, grouped into the sections: stakeholders and participation; open data and interoperability; ICT-enabled policy-making; services; design, architecture and processes; and evaluation and public values. From the ePart conference, 5 ongoing research papers are included. The book also includes workshops from both conferences.

IFIP EGOV and ePart bring together the scientific research community in e-government from all over the world, and this book will be of interest to all those involved in public governance and service provision.

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