Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (XVII)


Udpa, L.,
Rao, B.P.C. ,
Capova, K.,
Janousek, L.

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The demand for new and effective methods for the evaluation, maintenance and live-time testing of objects in fields as diverse as engineering, medicine and art, continues to grow. Electromagnetic non-destructive evaluation is a process by which an object can be assessed without permanent alteration by means of inducing electric currents or magnetic fields within the object and observing the electromagnetic response.

This book presents selected papers from the 18th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Non-destructive Evaluation (ENDE), which was held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, on June 25-28, 2013. The aim of the workshop was to provide an international forum for the discussion of the state-of-the-art and perspectives in the field from the view of science, technology and engineering.

The book is divided into five main sections: advanced sensors; analytical and numerical modeling and biomedical applications; innovative industrial applications; new developments; and, solutions of inverse problems. Containing 40 peer-reviewed papers, it will be of interest to all those whose work involves electromagnetic non-destructive evaluation, whatever their discipline.

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