Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (VII)


Dobmann, G.

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The aim of this selection of papers is to bring together researchers working very deep in the basics of electromagnetic NDT on one hand and industrialists discussing their practical problems on the other hand. The papers cover topics as; Microwave applications and Material Characterization; General Eddy Current Inspection Tasks; Novel Techniques and Sensors; Magnetic Flux leakage Inspection; Steam Generator Eddy Current Inspection Tasks; and Material Characterization. Especially Novel Techniques and Sensors and Material Characterization are discussed in multiple papers. This publication gives a good overview of the many scientific problems in this area, but also explains the actual challenges for the scientific-technical community, like problems with in-line inspection of pipelines or the enhancing of the inspection performance in steam generator tubes inspection in the nuclear field. The material is important for scientists and engineers working in the field of electromagnetic non-destructive testing, in defect detection and sizing, as well as in material characterization.

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