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Outcomes Research: The Benefit of Health-IT


Ammenwerth, E.,
Hörbst, A.,
Hayn, D.,
Schreier, G.

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It is generally accepted that information and communication technology has the potential to support high quality, high-tech medicine, but up to now healthcare has lagged behind other sectors, such as service industries, in the implementation of such technology. Medicine is now beginning to catch up, however, and the Austrian government recently agreed on the nationwide implementation of an Electronic Health Record (Elektronische Gesundheitsakte (ELGA)).

This book presents the proceedings of the 8th scientific eHealth conference, which is being held in Vienna, Austria, in the context of the eHealth Summit Austria, in April 2014. The theme of the conference is "Outcomes Research: The Benefit of Health-IT", addressing the challenges which will inevitably accompany the new opportunities offered by the increased use of ICT in healthcare. The history of technologies making the transition from the laboratory into practice is one of mixed success. It is vital to understand what makes such an implementation a positive one, and factors such as the needs, fears, and context of potential users are as important as a sound technical implementation. Priorities may need to be rethought and new dimensions added.

The book will be of interest to all those considering the effect of new technologies and eHealth on the provision of healthcare systems, and seeking to achieve services which are both technically and organizationally sound and which will also efficiently deliver noticeable benefits for users.

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