eHealth Beyond the Horizon - Get IT There

Proceedings of MIE2008


Klein, M.C.A.,
Schulz, S.,
Aarts, J.,
Andersen, S.K.,
Mazzoleni, M.C.

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The first part of the MIE 2008 conference theme – eHealth Beyond the Horizon – highlights the expectations for the future of ehealth and raises the question: What sort of developments in ehealth services can we imagine emerging above the horizon in the years to come? EHealth Beyond the Horizon contains a good number of high-quality papers giving different perspectives of this future, some of them already available today in picot scale, some of them outlined in visions. The second part of the theme – Get IT There – has triggered a large number of papers describing how to create, evaluate, adjust and deliver products and deploy services in healthcare organizations for the necessary information technology as a basis for the ehealth applications that are essential in order to respond to the challenges of the health systems.
The papers in the proceedings are grouped by themes according to the submission categories and the supplied keywords. As the last theme, three doctoral students from different areas of medical informatics were selected to present and discuss their research under the guidance of a panel of distinguished research faculties.

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