e-Health Across Borders Without Boundaries

E-salus trans confinia sine finibus


Stoicu-Tivadar, L.,
Blobel, B.,
Marcun, T.,
Orel, A.

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In order to achieve and maintain cross-border interoperability of electronic health records systems, it is necessary to manage the continuous process of change and adaptation of many elements within and across electronic infrastructures in neighboring countries. This volume presents the proceedings of the 11th EFMI special topic conference entitled 'e-Health across Borders without Boundaries', held in Laško, Slovenia, in April 2011. Both the conference and the contents of this book highlight health-related communication and collaboration at regional, national and international level. As well as 21 carefully reviewed papers from specialists in the field, the book also contains carefully selected Ph.D. papers, in the tradition of encouraging young scientists to participate and present valuable work. The topics covered include inter-regional health information systems and applications, cross-border e-health projects and systems, multi language and cultural issues in e-health systems and international standardization and assessment of e-health systems, and address aspects such as knowledge representation, patient empowerment, social care and cross-border interoperability. This book provides a comprehensive, in-depth overview and first-hand information on new developments, advanced systems, technologies and applications. Its interdisciplinary nature means it will be of interest to a wide range of professionals, including health informatics scientists and medical computing and technology specialists, those directly involved in the provision of healthcare, public health, health insurance and institutional administrators and representatives of industry and consultancy in various health fields.

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