E-business: Key Issues, Applications and Technologies


Stanford-Smith, B.,
Kidd, P.T.

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There are many unrealistic expectations surrounding the Internet and but in fact it will take time to adopt the technologies and even then not all applications will be suitable for every company. What really matters is the often forgotten question - how can the Internet and World Wide Web improve my long-term competitive advantage? This book helps answer this question by providing a better understanding of the technologies, their potential applications and the ways they can be used to add value for customers, support new strategies, and improve existing operations.

This book is not just about e-commerce but the broader theme of e-business which affects products, business processes, strategies, and relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors and competitors. To cover future trends, the editors have collected papers from authors operating at the frontiers of the developments so the reader can more appreciate the directions in which these technologies are heading. The resulting 165 essays have been collated into ten sections, which have been grouped in three parts: Key Issues, Applications Areas, and Applications, Tools and Technologies:
Part One: Key Issues
Business, Strategy and Policy
Legal, Regulatory, Security, Trust and Confidence
Training, Innovation and Regional Development
Part Two: Application Areas
Knowledge Based Enterprise
Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The Virtual and Extended Enterprise
E-business for Manufacturing Industry
Part Three: Applications, Tools and Technologies
Selling over the Internet and the World Wide Web
Applications in Business
Tools and TechnologiesA business rarely makes radical changes but is constantly making adjustments to circumstances. It must now adapt to the global implications of the Internet and World Wide Web. This book will aid awareness of the implications so that the changes are managed wisely.