Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2012


Bus, J.,
Crompton, M.,
Hildebrandt, M.,
Metakides, G.

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There have been many inevitable transformations in society due to digitization – the introduction of digital technology, including communication technology, through the Internet and its use via the Web.

This book is the first Yearbook of the Digital Enlightenment Forum. Whilst it cannot cover all the many aspects which the forum encompasses, the book gives an impression of the broad spectrum of the forum and a clear picture of the multi-disciplinary nature of the issues at stake.

The first paper in the book is a contribution from the father of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Harry Halpin. They pose the question of whether the opportunity to participate in the empowered connected society should be protected, and conclude that urgent action is needed to promote and defend the Internet and the Web.

Other papers explore topics such as legal issues and the rights of the citizen, privacy protection and international cooperation in the fight against cyber crime. The book ends with a number of scientific and technical papers as well as descriptions of practical problems and their possible solutions.

Although the book addresses only the tip of a very large iceberg of problems, issues and possible technologies, it provides an excellent picture of the many challenges which must be faced in the years to come, and will be of interest to all those working towards the development of society in the spirit of enlightenment.

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