Diagnostic Methods and Syndrome Identification


Ping, C.,
Hongwen, X.

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Diagnostics is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, serving as the bridge between theory and clinical practice. It includes not only diagnostic techniques, but also a theory and clinical application of Syndrome Identification, which is regarded as the most significant aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Diagnostic Methods and Syndrome Identification consists of two parts. Part one systematically introduces diagnostic methods which are unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine, with special emphasis on tongue observation and Pulse-feeling. Part two discusses the theory and clinical application of different systems of Syndrome identification. A series of case histories is included. By comparing these histories with diagnostic methods of Syndrome Identification introduced in the text, those readers whose goal is to put into practice their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Identification can follow the progression of thinking.
Pinyin-Chinese-English indexes of source texts, technical terms and Syndrome names are included in this book for easy reference. Both color photographs and figures are used to supplement the text for all of the diagnostic methods.