Deformational Characteristics of Geomaterials


Santamarina, J.C.,
Mayne, P.W.,
Burns, S.E.

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Deformational Characteristics of Geomaterials explores the complex load-deformation response of geomaterials, including rheology, strain rate effects and aging; the role of structure in natural sediments and cementation in engineered fills; instabilities and the emergence of localizations; the effects of capillarity in unsaturated soils; inherent and stress induced anisotropy; and the implications of spatial variability. Laboratory tests, field studies, and numerical investigations are used to explore the various aspects of geomaterial response. The relevance of small-strain stiffness of soils, as represented by Gmax, is a common thread in many of these studies. Research over the last two decades has shown the importance of Gmax as the starting point for stress-strain trends in natural sediments, stabilized geomaterials such as compacted fills, and even young deposits such as mine tailings. The editors are pleased to present the two-volume proceedings from the fourth international symposium that was held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The unprecedented information provided in the 106 technical contributions and seven written keynote papers will effectively contribute to advancing the state of knowledge in the field.