Defence Transformation in Europe: Evolving Military Roles


Edmunds, T.,
Malešič, M.

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Today, European countries face the challenge or transforming their defence. In particular, the military, political, budgetary and societal implications have a declining importance looking at the defence of national territory imperative. A key assumption underlying this publication is that there are a number of themes in this area that are common across the NATO and Partnership for Peace (PfP) regions, that transcend the traditional divisions between western and post-communist Europe. This book consists of eight parts, each focused around a particular area of military role evolution and illustrated by the experiences of a specific country example. These include the changing nature of the defence of national territory role; expeditionary warfare; peacekeeping and humanitarian intervention; defence diplomacy; domestic military assistance; and internal security. The authors come from a range of different groups involved in defence transformation processes, including academic experts, analysts from think tanks, journalists, policy makers and serving military officers.