Defence Against Terrorism: Different Dimensions and Trends of an Emerging Threat


Duyan, A.

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The traumas resulting from terrorism and political violence have profound implications for the stability and normal operation of modern societies, and a negative impact on the effectiveness and legitimacy of their governments. This publication presents articles from the NATO Advanced Training Course (ATC) ‘Defence Against Terrorism: Different Dimensions and Trends of the Emerging Threat – Terrorism’  held in Kabul, Afghanistan in May 2010. This course was attended by serving Afghan officers of various ranks and also by a number of Afghan civilians, and was designed to have a practical focus for the participants, all of whom were involved in counterterrorism operations.The book begins with an overview of terrorism, which sets the stage for the articles of the other contributors. Subjects covered in the remainder of the book include the importance of social stability to the fight against terrorism; adjustments to change; the role of intelligence and the importance of international cooperation between intelligence agencies; suicide bombing; terrorism and organized crime; as well as future trends in terrorism. This title will be of great interest to all those concerned with countering the threat from terrorism and political violence.

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