Databases and Information Systems V

Selected Papers from the Eighth International Baltic Conference, DB&IS 2008


Haav, H.-M.,
Kalja, A.

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The Eighth International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems took place on June 2–5 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. This conference is continuing a series of successful bi-annual Baltic conferences on databases and information systems (IS). The aim is to provide a wide international forum for academics and practitioners in the field of databases and modern information systems for exchanging their achievements in this area. The original research results presented in Databases and Information Systems V mostly belong to novel fields of IS and database research such as database technology and the semantic web, ontology-based IS, IS and AI technologies and IS integration. The contribution of Dr. Jari Palomäki showed how different ontological commitments affect the way we are modeling the world when creating an information system. As semantic technologies have been gaining more attention recently, a special session on semantic interoperability of IS was organized. The invited talks from each Baltic State gave a good insight how semantic interoperability initiatives are developing in each of the Baltic States and how they relate to the European semantic interoperability framework.

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