Cross-Border Challenges in Informatics with a Focus on Disease Surveillance and Utilising Big Data

Proceedings of the EFMI Special Topic Conference, 27-29 April 2014, Budapest, Hungary


Engelbrecht, R.,
Surján, G.,
Stoicu-Tivadar, L.,
Orel, A.,
De Lusignan, S.

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Achieving and maintaining cross-border interoperability of electronic health records systems implies managing the continuous process of change and adaptation of a multitude of elements within and across electronic infrastructures in neighboring countries.

This book presents the proceedings of the 11th Special Topics Conference (STC) of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), held in Budapest, Hungary in April 2014. The EFMI STC is an important international forum which brings together computer and information science, medicine and technology to present results of current scientific work in health informatics processes, systems and technologies. The theme of EFMI STC 2014 is “Cross-border challenges in informatics with a focus on disease surveillance and utilizing big data", and the conference addressed a range of important aspects of pan-European and cross-border issues.

The book is divided into four sections: health data sharing and integration opportunities and the challenges of working across borders; sources of data, including big data, for monitoring and measuring health and disease; using routine data for epidemiological study and public health; as well as a section for posters presented at the conference.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, the book will be of interest to those working in a variety of disciplines, including medical informatics, bioinformatics and health informatics; medical computing and technology; public health, health insurance and health institutional administration, as well as other allied health professions.

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