Creatine Kinase and Brain Energy Metabolism

Function and Disease


Kekelidze, T.,
Holtzman, D.

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This volume includes the proceedings of a NATO sponsored Advanced Research Workshop on the physiology of the Creatine Kinase catalyzed reaction in brain bioenergetics and on the pathophysiology of Neurologic and Psychiatric Diseases. The workshop was held in Tbilisi, Georgia in June 2001. Topics include the Creatine Kinase systems in brain, heart, and muscle; the creatine transporter in brain; and disorders of creatine and ATP metabolism. The present volume will be of particular interest to cell biologists interested in bioenergetics and the physiology of the CK catalyzed reaction in brain and other excitable tissues; neurobiologists interested in the physiology of the CK catalyzed reaction in brain, pediatricians interested in metabolic diseases affecting ATP metabolism and creatine metabolism and transport, and neurologists interested in the effects of creatine in neurodegenerative diseases.