Core Networks and Network Management, NOC’99


Faulkner, D.W.,
Harmer, A.L.

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WDM Networks and Systems, Network Planning and Management
The demand for ever more capacity over the lucrative long-haul routes coupled with the need for higher reliability is pushing optical technology towards its limits. WDM systems allow upgrading of existing core networks and offer new opportunities for long-haul systems design towards ultimate terrabit systems. The prospect of an all-optical layer offers new possibilities for dynamic management of capacity and protection switching.
Papers published in these proceedings:
-Explore business opportunities for WDM systems
-Highlight recent advances in key technologies such as add drop multiplexers, arrayed planar waveguides, and broadband EDFAs
-Present new bandwidth management techniques
-Push the transmission limits to the technology by minimising dispersion, non-linearities and intermodulation effects, and charts the way to soliton systems.