Core and ATM Networks

NOC '97


Faulkner, D.W.,
Harmer, A.L.

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Optical fibre is well established as the technology for both long and short haul networks. The search is now on to find more capacity to cope with demand for leased lines for mobile and other new entrants and to plan for broadband capacity in the information age. Core networks represent the backbone of the information superhighway and it is here that we expect to see first application of new technologies.
Multi-media networks based on ATM technology are set to provide the broadband communications platform for both business and entertainment services with integrated transmission of voice, data and visual information direct to the workstation or set-top unit. Issues concerning their end-to-end performance such as: reliability, capacity, delay, efficiency, signalling, management and cost still need to be resolved. The aim of this work is to investigate the state of ATM networks, identify key problems and offer solutions.
Planning and SDH Transport Networks, High Capacity Systems, PMD and WDM, Optical Transmission, with many related planning and network management issues contribute to this state-of-the-art volume.