Controlling Physical Multiagent Teams: Getting League-Independent Results from RoboCup Soccer


Obst, O.

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During the last years, Robotic Soccer has become one of the most challenging research fields for multiagent systems (MAS). In RoboCup soccer, teams of autonomous agents have to cooperatively solve the problem of winning against another team of agents. There are different leagues to address a wide area of research problems. However, many of the solutions to these are also league-dependent. This publication contributes tools and techniques to create physical MAS in domains where each agent has insufficient capabilities for solving the problem alone. All contributions of this book address the problem of league- independent solutions and provide means to create more generally applicable approaches. The contributions of this work have shown to be useful within the simulated robotic soccer domain and real robotic soccer. As a result, more general MAS research problems can be stated, and domain knowledge can be shared between different leagues.

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