Continual Improvement with ISO 14000


Piper, L.,
Ryding, S.O.,
Henricson, C.

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Environmental issues today have increased in complexity and involve all community sectors. Additionally, they are now more related to products and services. Many customers impose environmental requirements to their suppliers. Future environmental work therefore requires a structured way of working in co-operation with many parties. ISO 14000 series is a set of standards with the aim, through well proven and internationally recognized methods, to assist organizations and companies to build and carry on structured and systematic environmental improvements for continual improvement of its environmental performance. This handbook contains information about environmental management, environmental aspects and environmental indicators and aims to introduce the standards in the ISO 14000 series. It gives an insight of the structure and content of the full ISO 14000 series and explains how the standards in the ISO 14000 series can concur for continual improvement of an organization’s or a company’s environmental performance.