Consumer-Centered Computer-Supported Care for Healthy People

Proceedings of NI2006


Park, H-A.,
Murray, P.,
Delaney, C.

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“I would seriously recommend that this book – in text form – should be available in all nursing libraries as a resource for study and reference in the expanding area of nursing and health care.” Paula M. Procter, Reader in Informatics and Telematics in Nursing, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

This publication, initiated by the Korean Society of Medical Informatics (KOSMI) and its Nursing Informatics Specialist Group, and the Special Interest Group in Nursing Informatics of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA-NI), is published for nurses and informatics experts working with informatics applications in nursing care, administration, research and education, bringing together the worlds of nursing informatics community. Korea is well known for having the highest level of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility in the world. Advances in ICT in Korea have lead Korean health care sectors to fully utilize the benefit of ICT for health care.

The theme of the book, ‘Consumer-Centered Computer-Supported Care for Healthy People’, emphasizes the central role of the consumer and the function of information technology in health care. It reflects the major challenge in our time, which is developing and using information technology for the improvement of consumer oriented health care.

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