Computer Field Models of Electromagnetic Devices


Wiak, S.,
Napieralska-Juszczak, E.

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Computer Field Models of Electromagnetic Devices , volume 34 in the book series Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics is devoted to modeling and simulation, control systems, testing, measurements, monitoring, diagnostics and advanced software methodology in application to electrical and electronic devices and mechatronic systems. Other areas emerging strongly as new topics, in particular computer engineering, software methodology, CAD techniques, artificial intelligence and material sciences are also discussed. The contributions selected for this monograph have been grouped in the following chapters: Advanced Computational Techniques, Recent Developments of Electromagnetic Devices, Special Applications - Computational Electromagnetics, Power Losses Computations and Computer Modeling of Isolations Systems. The first topic is devoted to fundamental and computational problems which appear in electromagnetics. The presented methods include analytical, numerical and hybrid methods. The second topic looks at how to improve the techniques of optimal design of electromagnetic devices. Special attention has been paid to the design of electrical machines, especially induction machines, PM machines, Micro DC reluctance machines and drives. The third topic concerns contributions with some applications of electromagnetic fields. The last topic focuses on the techniques of calculation of power losses in electrical machines. Computer Field Models of Electromagnetic Devices provides applied mathematicians, computer and software engineers, and electronic and electrical engineers with high-quality knowledge and the means to learn more about ideas and experiences ranging from fundamental developments of theory to practical industrial applications.

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