Competitive Enforcement

Comparative Analysis of Australian Building Regulatory Enforcement Regimes


Van Der Heijden, J.

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Delft University Press



Globally, the private sector is becoming increasingly involved in regulation and regulatory enforcement – often mutually competing or, as a sector, competing with traditional government departments. Competitive Enforcement provides insight into this trend in a specific policy area: the built environment. Building on from general notions in regulatory literature, a methodical approach is introduced for comparative analysis of such privatization. This book gives an in-depth analysis of building regulatory enforcement regimes in Australia. Private sector involvement made its entry here in the early 1990s as a competitive alternative to existing public sector involvement. Yet, each Australian state and territory introduced a slightly different regime. The differences amongst the regimes provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into how combinations of policy instruments produce diverse policy outcomes. This book will assist all those interested in (building) regulation and regulatory enforcement in further exploration of the study of regulation, grasping opportunities presented by the construction, maintenance and the use of buildings.


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