Communication Cables and Related Technologies - EC’99


Harmer, A.L.

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The subject Fibre optic cables forms a major part of the conference and continues to progress with many new developments. Topics include new designs and cable formats, very high-density fibre cables for the access network and buildings, special cables for particular applications, installation in ducts or as aerial cables, replacement and repair of cables, field testing, PMD measurements and OTDR, network monitoring and fault finding, test equipment, and connector and splicing techniques.

The planning, installation and maintenance of cables and associated hardware form the vital core of a successful network. This subject addresses the issues of planning and design using new tools such as artificial intelligence, reliability, preventive maintenance and strategies for maintenance, installation issues and costs.

Materials development is vital for the communications cable industry. Subjects considered are:

-new materials technology
-polymeric materials coating and filling technology
-fabrication techniques and extrusion
-materials related to cable performance
-smoke and fire performance
-environmental performance

The final part of this publication deals with fibre technology. This includes new fibre designs such as:

- multicore fibres
- fibre fabrication
- mechanical strength and reliability
- coating technology
- colouring of fibre coatings
- new materials