Collective Urban Design: Shaping the city as a collaborative process


Kitao, Y.


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Delft University Press



This book deals with two urban design issues: City Planning and Architectural Design. The relationship between these two issues has been regarded as an ‘eternal’ topic in the domain of urban design. The book offers a method to create a harmonious, individual and environmentally friendly collective form, through a collaborative design process. In order to achieve this purpose, civil engineers, city planners and architects have to work together, sharing a common object. The Master Architect Design Collaboration Method, which is studied mainly in this book, is a design method to create mixed types of collective forms. This method can be used for urban renewal projects and urban development projects. To understand the design process and method, the following is discussed: the issue of collective form creation and its history, design coordination, design communication and design development. Finally, the book discusses the urban design method from a practical point of view. This book is aimed at people working in public sectors, building engineers, city planners, architects and students and contributes to the making of urban design strategies and the carrying out of urban design processes.