Circulating Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease


Ingelsson, E.

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This publication gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge regarding circulating biomarkers in cardiovascular disease (CVD), a field which has a long history of using biomarkers for risk stratification. The blood lipid profile, including cholesterol fractions, was one of the first biomarkers to be established as a risk factor for CVD. The main focus of this work is the use of biomarkers in the risk stratification of healthy individuals and the early detection of subclinical disease. Subjects covered include: statistical approaches to evaluating the additional predictive value of new biomarkers; lipid metabolism, epidemiological data and the role of triglycerides and the apolipoprotein B–A-I ratio in cardiovascular disease; the role of inflammatory biomarkers in cardiovascular disease; a summary of current knowledge regarding natriuretic peptides and their use for risk prediction in the general population; a review of other biomarkers from the cardiomyocyte; the role of some of the most promising obesity biomarkers in cardiovascular epidemiology; the use of biomarkers for prognostication in patients with prevalent disease: and combining biomarkers from different pathways for increased predictive and prognostic capability.