Challenges for Pharmaceutical Policies in the 21st Century


Huttin, C.

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This publication aims to present different contributions to a workshop on challenges for pharmaceutical policies in the 21st century. The central theme was the impact of globalization, bringing together a representative set of academic researchers, policymakers, NGO and industry stakeholders. The debate in Europe is sensitive, since most European health care systems are facing coming financing issues, with the growth of elderly (grey power) and “babyboomers” as representative elective force, increase of expensive medical technologies and enlargement towards Central and Southern Europe, facing poverty, organized crime and a high level of corruption in such a sector.
The objective of such workshops is to bring together researchers and participants from industry and policy circles, interested in pharmaceutical policy and economics. The workshop was organized around four main themes: industry dynamics and company corporate policies, political approaches, pharmaceutical corporate marketing and distribution and demand for pharmaceuticals.