Cestode Zoonoses: Echinococcosis and Cysticercosis

An Emergent and Global Problem


Craig, P.,
Pawlowski, Z.

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Parasitic zoonoses or parasitic infections transmitted from animals to humans are likely to become increasingly important in the spectrum of emergent and re-emergent diseases for both developed and developing countries. Tapeworm zoonoses form an important group of such pathogens and are being more and more recognised as a public health problem in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and USA. The aim of the Advanced Research Workshop was to bring together experts in parasite biology, ecology, geography, medicine and veterinary sciences to consider disease status of these tapeworm zoonoses with an emphasis on epidemiology and transmission ecology. The areas covered however are not comprehensive for all aspects of these parasitic infections. Also, some major geographical areas of transmission, such as CE in Latin America have not been considered due to other recent workshops (Hydatidology Congress, Barioloche, Argentina - September 1999). The resultant chapters in this volume however provide an important update and review of recent advances in the study and control of tapeworm zoonoses, including emergence and re-emergence of disease in Europe, Africa and Central Asia.