Cancer Genomics


Strausberg, R.L.

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The 1990’s will be remembered as the decade when advances in biomedical research launched the genomics era. While new information and technologies are clearly important products of the genomics revolution, perhaps most important is a change in mindset of how we pursue scientific discovery. We are no longer satisfied to study a gene or gene product in isolation, but rather we strive to view each gene within the complex circuitry of a cell. In rapid succession, this new mindset had invigorated the analysis of all molecular entities, from the genome, to transcripts (transcriptome) and proteins (proteome). And it is clear that this is just the beginning of the omics revolution.

While the understanding and treatment of many diseases will be impacted by omics, arguably the greatest biomedical opportunity for discovery is cancer. As a family of diseases, all cancer results from changes in the genome.