Cancer Antibodies


Tainsky, M.A.

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The field of cancer biomarkers is grounded in the principle that the earliest possible identification of individuals with cancer will lead to a reduction in morbidity and mortality from the disease. But the development of such biomarkers remains fraught with complex difficulties, despite the many recent advances in modern molecular biology. This volume addresses several high-throughput approaches to the development, validation and implementation of antibodies as protein biomarkers for the detection of cancer, as well as their theranostic value for personalized cancer vaccines. Subjects covered include: auto-antibody profiles as biomarkers of breast cancer, the development of recombinant antibodies for biomarker detection, antibody micro-arrays for high-throughput, multi-analyte analysis and the use of antibodies in cancer immunotherapy as well as a general overview of the use of antibodies in cancer detection. The book examines the critical issues surrounding the application of cancer antibodies and the barriers to their usefulness as tools in the oncologists arsenal and will be of interest to all those involved in the field of cancer detection and diagnosis.