Business and Work in the Information Society


Stanford-Smith, B.,
Roger, J.-Y.,
Kidd, P.T.

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No one in modern business can afford to ignore new technology. This book makes a valuable contribution to appreciating new information and communication technologies and understanding what they mean for innovative business ideas and new research opportunities. Its contents is targeted at anyone with a responsibility for business and research strategies, aiming to increase awareness of the emerging technologies and give an understanding of the implications. The book covers three major elements of the Information Society, namely Electronic Commerce, Multimedia and Embedded Systems. It describes the technology being developed and suggests possible effects.
The editors have assembled over a hundred papers from international experts that describe current thinking and emerging technology from research projects. Some subjects covered are: Knowledge Management in Electronic Commerce, Electronic Sales Processes, Digital Signatures and Confidentiality, Electronic Commerce in Consumer Markets, Business Information Flows, Design of Embedded Systems, Trust, Security and Legal Issues in E-Commerce, Virtual Enterprises and Computer Supported Co-operative Working.