Building Integrative Enterprise Knowledge Portals with Semantic Web Technologies


Priebe, T.

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A major challenge of today’s information systems is to provide employees with precisely the information they need for fulfilling their current business tasks. Information appears in structured databases accessible through operational and analytical application systems as well as unstructured office documents, emails, etc. With the convergence of portal and knowledge management technology, enterprise portals are the solution of choice for providing integrated access to both structured and unstructured information. They are more and more seen as a 'standard workplace' due to their ability to combine different applications and resources on a single web based user interface. This book analyzes how Semantic Web technologies can help building integrative enterprise knowledge portals. The main contribution is a novel context-based approach for semantic interportlet communication. The book is recommended to readers who are interested in the research contributions, but also to those looking for a comprehensive summary of the state-of-the-art of the underlying technologies.

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