Broadband Access and Technology, NOC’99


Faulkner, D.W.,
Harmer, A.L.

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New broadband services, which depend upon state-of-the-art technology, will drive investment in broadband access networks for both business and residential applications such as switched video and fast internet access.
Unlike core networks where fibre is ubiquitous, the way to broadband access in the future could come from a number of alternative technologies: fibre, hybrid fibre-coax, hybrid fibre-radio, and hybrid fibre-metallic pair systems. De-regulation has created new market opportunities in Europe,
which will drive investment in broadband access. Papers published in these proceedings give insight into these and other key issues facing network designers:
- Comparing alternatives technologies as investment opportunities
- Investigating new system designs: APON, HFR and HFC
- Examining the role of WDM in access
- Introducing new techniques for fast file transfer