Breast Reconstruction


Hultman, C.S.


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Today, women with breast cancer have multiple options regarding the timing and method of breast reconstruction. Having such choices empowers patients by allowing women to regain some control over a devastating situation. The ability to undergo successful, immediate reconstruction facilitates the recovery process by helping to restore a sense of wholeness. This publication is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of breast reconstruction for all members of the healthcare team who assess and treat women with breast cancer. While some of the chapters contain technical details that may appeal primarily to reconstructive surgeons, other chapters touch upon issues that will be of interest to oncologic surgeons, medical oncologists, imagers, and radiotherapists. Over 30 experts from 10 academic institutions, (plus the private sector) contributed to this project. This diversity in authorship has improved the depth and breadth of this monograph, presenting different perspectives in the planning and practice of surgery.