Brain, Mind and Physics


Pylkkanen, P.,
Pylkko, P.,
Hautamaki, H.

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There is a growing feeling that standard cognitive science has not fulfilled many of the expectations which were initially attached to it. At least two critical approaches lend themselves to those who are looking for new perspectives to understanding the human mind. For the first, there is the critique which has been inspired by recent natural science, especially by quantum theory and neuroscience. For the second, continental philosophers, especially postphenomenological and postmodern thinkers, have been critical of some of the main goals which cognitive science pursues. The underlying idea of this publication is that the fragmentation of the prevailing philosophical scene can be overcome only by a freely evolving dialogue between all these different points of view. In this volume we can see a whole variety of responses to this invitation to dialogue. These responses cover, among others, the following areas: quantum physical perspectives to the study of mind, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive musicology and postmodern visions. Topics covered include: non-conceptual experience and content, quantum, brain dynamics, collective thinking, implicate order, mindware and neural anomalies.

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