Boolean Functions in Cryptology and Information Security


Preneel, B.,
Logachev, O.A.

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This book contains the proceedings of the NATO-Russia Advanced Study Institute (ASI) 'Boolean Functions in Cryptology and Information Security', which was held at September 8-18, 2007 in Zvenigorod, Moscow region, Russia. These proceedings consist of three parts. The first part contains survey lectures on various areas of Boolean function theory that are of primary importance for cryptology. These lectures were delivered by leading researchers from many countries and contain both classic and recent results. The second part contains research papers written by graduate and postgraduate students of Lomonosov University, Moscow. The third part contains a list of open problems in Boolean function theory.

The book includes lectures and papers concern the following areas:

Cryptographic properties of Boolean functions and mappings
Algebraic and combinatorial constructions of Boolean functions and mappings with prescribed cryptographic properties
Boolean functions and mappings in cryptosynthesis
Classification of Boolean functions
Cryptanalysis of ciphers
Efficient computations in finite fields