BIWIC 2006 13th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization


Jansens, P.J.,
Ter Horst, J.H.,
Jiang, S.

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Delft University Press



Industrial Crystallization continues to be a fertile but also a rapidly changing field of research. The changes are the consequence of a shift of focus in industry where rapid expansion occurs in fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. In research we see an increasing attention for manipulation of product quality with an emphasis on polymorphism and nano-particles, a shift of focus from design of large continuous dedicated crystallizers to control of batch-wise operated basic equipment, an increasing attention for modeling and optimization of precipitation and anti-solvent crystallization processes and a concentration on crystallization of organic molecular compounds instead of inorganic salts.
The successful series of BIWIC workshops on industrial crystallization were initiated and are to this day coordinated by Professor Joachim Ulrich. By allowing this workshop to travel over the world from Halle in Germany to Rouen in France to Kyongju in South Korea and to Delft in the Netherlands, the BIWIC workshop has become a truly international forum for scientific debate without losing its informal atmosphere.