Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation – BMI



Aghajan, H.,
Gottfried, B.

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The notion of well-being is one which is crucial to many aspects of our daily lives. In addition to providing one of the cornerstones to a healthy lifestyle, the concept of well- being extends to the selection of the type of environment we live in, our interaction with other people and the things we do to realize our plans for the future. Well-being is so intrinsic to our daily lives that it plays a fundamental role at all times and in all places, so it is important that it is taken into account when designing the ubiquitous computing technologies which pervade our lives nowadays.

This book contains the papers presented at the 2009 Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation (BMI) workshop, third in the annual series launched in 2007, and co-located with the German conference on Artificial Intelligence. The focus of the 2009 workshop on the topic of well-being reflects the significant interest in this area of research, and the book offers state-of-the-art contributions in the application area of well-being from diverse disciplines such as engineering and philosophy.

This overview of a wide range of research projects will be of interest to researchers and developers whose work necessitates a consideration of well-being, either as part of the task of implementing current applications or of designing the systems of the future.

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