Assistive Technology - Shaping the Future



Craddock, G.M.,
McCormack, L.P.,
Reilly, R.B.,
Knops, H.

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This publication covers different themes in the field of assistive technology. The theme “New technologies” will explore the significant advances in technology research & development and how these can be harnessed to benefit people with disabilities. This will include evolving technologies, affording interesting insights into the future. The theme “User Centred Approach” will look at fundamental ways in which the EU advocate a philosophy of citizenship and governance and how this philosophy can be advanced to ensure that people with disabilities become central to the assistive technology process Another issue that is explored in this publication is “Interdisciplinary Approaches” which can be developed within assistive technology and the provision of services to people with disabilities. Finally, it concentrates on ways in which practitioners and users, working together within assistive technology, can achieve best practice in the development and implementation of “Guidelines and Standards” across a broad spectrum.