Artificial Intelligence in Education

Supporting Learning through Intelligent and Socially Informed Technology


Breuker, J.,
Looi, C.-K.,
McCalla, G.,
Bredeweg, B.

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(second printing 2009)


The field of Artificial Intelligence in Education has continued to broaden and now includes research and researchers from many areas of technology and social science. This study opens opportunities for the cross-fertilization of information and ideas from researchers in the many fields that make up this interdisciplinary research area, including artificial intelligence, other areas of computer science, cognitive science, education, learning sciences, educational technology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and the many domain-specific areas for which Artificial Intelligence in Education systems have been designed and built. An explicit goal is to appeal to those researchers who share the perspective that true progress in learning technology requires both deep insight into technology and also deep insight into learners, learning, and the context of learning. The theme reflects this basic duality.

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