Antennas for Ubiquitous Radio Services in a Wireless Information Society

Proceedings of the Symposium Concluding the Wide Band Sparse Element Array Antennas – WiSE project


Lager, I.E.,
Simeoni, M.

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Delft University Press



Wireless applications are now an integral part of everyday life. On the one hand, these applications are being praised for making lives better by facilitating efficient communication and effectively treating disease. On the other hand, they are criticised for invading privacy and representing a potential health hazard. In any case, we are aware of them everywhere in sound, image and data carrying systems, but they are also intrinsic to weather and traffic monitoring systems and in defence and security technology. In recognition of the need for continuous and sustained effort in the field of antenna engineering, the WiSE project (Wide Band Sparse Element Array Antennas) was initiated in 2004 to assemble a catalogue of wide-band radiators and explore the functional possibilities of a shared aperture concept. This book is a collection of papers which offers a retrospective of the WiSE project’s main achievements, whilst also assessing their relevance within a wider antenna engineering perspective. There is a constant demand from wireless systems to provide increased performance; higher channel transmission capacity for multimedia and the pattern shaping and beam agility required for high-end radar and space-borne telecommunications.
Addressing innovative concepts and state-of-the-art aspects in array antenna design, manufacturing and measurement, this volume provides an overview of the increasingly complex functionalities demanded by evolving radio services.

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