Amputee Sports for Victims of Terrorism


Centre of Excellence - Defence Against Terrorism, Ankara, Turkey,

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As amputee sports gain worldwide recognition, it is natural that books and articles begin to be written about them. These would be from very different points of view because of the differing individuals and institutions which have an interest here. This book, Amputee Sports for Victims of Terrorism, is an almost entirely new departure, on the one hand because it takes as its topic these new sports, in particular amputee football, and secondly because the workshop which created it brought together the varied interest groups for the first time. The amputee sportsmen, trainers, administrators, medical professionals, social workers, not to forget the army, came together with the common aims of giving theoretical and practical information on amputee sports, promoting their international organization and regulation, and of increasing awareness of these sports which have been recognized as an effective means of rehabilitating amputees and promoting their well-being. The editors hope that this book will be a useful reference point for future work on amputee sports.