Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings


Perry, G.,
Avila, J.,
Moreira, P.I.,
Sorensen, A.A.,
Tabaton, M.

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Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings focuses on the future promise for therapeutic breakthroughs in light of notable clinical trial failures. The volume editors used a combination of scientometric evaluations to determine the most promising new approaches as well as soliciting insights from leaders in each of the major areas of Alzheimer’s disease research. By combining these two approaches, they recruited authors from the entire outlook spectrum, from those who feel an elusive breakthrough might still be a few, well-placed tweaks away to those who feel that they are launching entirely new investigative paradigms. These scholars present an open-eyed path forward. Now is the most exciting period in this field as old dogmas make way for new insights, from new approaches to clinical trials, improved biomarker-based diagnostics, population-based studies, prevention, metabolism, to further refinement of the role of inflammation, genetics, tau, and amyloid-β.

Volume 6 in our "Advances in Alzheimer's Disease" series, this book highlights in areas in which major advances have been made and that are expected to impact future research approaches. JAD Editor-in-Chief and co-editor of Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings George Perry comments: "This book looks at where we go from here, with new therapeutics and biomarkers, and other approaches to understanding the disease." The publication of this book coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and its official launch took place in Chicago during AAIC 2018.

This new title is a companion to the book published by IOS Press on the centennial of Alois Alzheimer’s discovery – Alzheimer’s Disease: A Century of Scientific and Clinical Research – and of the publication Alzheimer’s Disease: Advances for a New Century, which focused on the developments in the 5 years since the centennial. The newest book looks to the future, with an emphasis on the development of novel approaches to understanding and treating Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

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