Ageing and Invisibility


Mordini, E.,
De Hert, P.

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This book, Ageing and Invisibility, is the result of two years of research and part of the European Union (EU) FP7 project SENIOR (social, ethical and privacy needs in ICT for older people). The project was initiated to provide a systematic assessment of the social, ethical and privacy issues surrounding the use of computers and information technology for and by an ageing population. The direction of demographic change is clear in many societies worldwide: the population is ageing rapidly. By 2050 the number of people over 50 is expected to have increased by 35%, and those over 80 by a staggering 300%. Clearly this will put increased pressure on health and social systems. The value of ICT as an aid to the elderly in their daily work, maintaining their social networks, monitoring their health and improving and sustaining their quality of life in their own homes for longer is indisputable. But these undoubted advantages are not without problems. Applications must be integrated, easy to operate, affordable and reliable. Moreover, best practices with regard to ethics and privacy must not be neglected in technology design.

Providing an overview of the process of e-inclusion for older people and addressing the ethical, social and legal aspects of the process, this book will be invaluable as a resource for researchers, policy-makers, organisations and companies, as well as for all those with an interest in the identification and promotion of good practice within an ageing society.

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