Advances in Occupational Ergonomics and Safety-4


Bittner, A.C.,
Champney, P.C.

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The XVth Annual Conference of the International Society for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety brought together technical professionals, educators, and students from around the world to share their emerging research findings, applications experiences, and theoretical understandings. This volume contains the 70 papers that were presented at the conference, representing the work of nearly 200 authors. The papers in this volume are grouped into 13 sections covering both traditional and newly developing areas of research and practice. These include: 1) Cognitive Ergonomics; 2) Cumulative and Acute Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI); 3) Ergonomics Research Principles, Models, and Methodologies; 4) Ergonomic Management and Assessment Programs; 5) Handtool Evaluations; 6) Health and Safety in Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry; 7) Occupational Case-Studies; 8) Special Populations--Military; 9) Special Populations--Seniors and Children; 10) Work Physiology and Ergonomics-Cardiopulmonary; 11) Work Physiology and Ergonomics-Pathomechanics of MSIs; 12) Warnings; and 13) Workstations and Work Areas. These 13 sections broadly reflect both traditional focuses of occupational ergonomics and safety; and emerging areas of interest or concern.

This year we have been particularly fortunate to have a nearly equal division between the number of papers that reflect applied or case studies, and those reflecting ergonomic theory and safety & health management. This reflects well both on: the state of occupational ergonomics and safety; and the diversity of the members of our society.