Advances in Molecular Ecology


Carvalho, G.R.

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In this volume researchers across the fields of animals, plants and microbial communities present a thematic approach, with emphasis on the integration of concepts independently of taxon. Each author was asked to examine how molecular genetic tools have contributed to their specific area of consideration, identifying novel insights, controversies and future priorities. The coverage is not intended to be comprehensive across all contemporary fields in molecular ecology, but rather illustrative of the diversity of approach and application, and with emphasis on the genetic and evolutionary characteristics of the markers employed. It is only through the use of appropriate sampling design, choice of marker or marker combinations, and apposite statistical analysis of data that meaningful tests and interpretations can be attained. The examples presented endorse such an approach by considering not only how molecular markers have impacted on concepts and theory, but also by demonstrating through recent developments how they can be employed with effect.
To increase the practical utility of the book, we conclude with a summary of current software that is available for the analysis of data in molecular ecology, detailing information on names of authors, date of latest update, compatible operating systems, types of data handled and analyses supported. A glossary of terms is provided to facilitate access to unfamiliar topics.