Advances in Agile Manufacturing


Kidd, P.T.,
Karwowski, W.

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Contemporary manufacturing industry is undergoing a major shift away from mass production towards a newly emerging paradigm known as Agile Manufacturing. A key element in the reassesment is the shift of focus towards systematic examination of the organization and people issues in advanced manufacturing. The major part of the 160+ papers presented in this work is connected with the issue of developing multidisciplinary methods and tools to support TOP integration (technology, organization and people) and the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Systems. The commercial concern to build agile enterprises by integrating technology, organization and people results in the need to achieve a competitive advantage through this process by means of concurrent engineering, team working, empowerment and other tools. The interest to master the process of designing and implementing advanced systems has special emphasis. Readers: professionals in computer integrated manufacturing, engineering, human resource management and business.