Addressing Security Risks at the Ukrainian Border Through Best Practices on Good Governance


Jóźwik, Z.,
Kęsek, R.,
Boroda, M.

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With the current security crisis in the Ukraine, border security has become a pressing issue. Both the annexation of Crimea and the temporary occupation of the Donbas region represent serious violations of the country's territorial integrity and of the wider international legal order.
This book contains 13 presentations delivered during the two-day NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) 'Addressing Security Risks at the Ukrainian Border through Best Practices on Good Governance – Sources and Counter Measures', which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, in February 2016. The workshop consisted of 5 expert panels devoted to various aspects of building the integrity of the Ukrainian border management agencies to enhance the border security of the eastern flank of NATO. The topics of these panels were: the integrity of the security sector in Ukraine; corruption as a security risk in border management; institutional tools to combat corruption in border management; increasing preparedness for cross-border crises; and bilateral and multilateral dimensions of international cooperation to enhance the integrity of border management agencies.
The workshop contributed to raising awareness of emerging border security challenges, as well as providing a forum for the close cooperation of and the exchange of knowledge between the most relevant local and international agencies. It also made possible the discussion of issues such as the current refugee crisis and the implications - for security - of corruption in border management in a wider context.

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