Acute Lung Injury: From Inflammation to Repair


Bellingan, G.J.,
Laurent, G.J.

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This book provides a comprehensive and up to date picture of the molecular mechanisms underlying acute lung injury, focusing both on the mechanisms of injury and of repair. Topics covered include the cells involved, their injurious products including pro-inflammatory cytokines, proteases and free radical species as well as the fibrotic response and its molecular regulation, the role of the immune system, airway repair and remodelling and transcription factors regulating inflammation. All the chapters are written by experts in their field and reflect the lecture given by these authors at a recent international meeting also entitled "Acute lung injury: from inflammation to repair", held as part of the ongoing Molecular Pathology Annual symposia at University College London. The meeting gathered together a wide range of scientists and clinicians all of whom are at the cutting edge of inflammation and repair as it relates to acute lung injury. It is the breadth of approach that makes the volume so useful.