Acupuncture and Moxibustion


Fei, X.,
Jianhua, M.

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In Acupuncture and Moxibustion, acupoints are expounded comprehensively in aspects of their indications, theoretical bases of their use, present clinical applications and modern experimental study. Although there are 361 channel points, the commonly used ones in clinical treatment are less than half. Therefor, only the most frequently used points are selected.
Analysis of functionally analogues points is presented as one section. This part attempts to clarify the main differences between acupoints for beginners. In addition, paring points and point distinction are discussed. Achievements of modern study of channels, cholaterals and acupoints are introduced respectively. These parts help readers get a deeper understanding of acupuncture. In order to facilitate study for Western readers, the treatment is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Identification while the diseases’ names are taken from Western medicine. On the basis of introducing the fundamental acupuncture theory, much effort has been made to clearly explain some difficult and key points. Therefor, the book can be taken as a textbook for beginners as well as a reference book for those with a certain level of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge. Since practicality is the basic purpose in compiling this book and clinical applications are explained in details, the book will be very useful for all clinical medical workers. Pinyin-Chinese indexes of technical terms, acupoint names and source text are included for easy reference.