Academic Publishing in Europe-APE2006

The Role of Information in Science and Society


Fredriksson, E.H.,
De Kemp, A.,
Ortelbach, B.

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What is happening in publishing and in the information market? This book provides an international strategic forum for all parties involved in the role of information in science and society. Rather than simply restating well known positions, the editors aim at a fresh approach which will deal with the many structural changes which have taken place in the information and value chains. Issues of language, culture, education, finance, technology, politics, standardization and other matters will have a serious impact on the outreach of scientific communication. Academic publishing in Europe has a long tradition in which many small and medium -sized publishers and publishing societies have played a significant role. We have seen valuable initiatives for the creation of digital libraries. We have seen new funding models such as Open Access and a major change from subscriptions to the licensing of information usage. The way in which we cite, quote and link information is changing as well. The correct use of information, however, depends also on the ability to search information and search engines do not yet come up to professional expectations. The goal of this publication is that stakeholders and interested parties will have a better understanding of the implications of change and will be able to identify the challenges and possibilities for more efficient production, dissemination and use of information.